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Courteney Suiter

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My name is Courteney. I am a mother and a health enthusiast. However, I have not always been this way. I became interested in health and fitness toward the end of my undergraduate studies. I began turning my life completely around for the better, and I started seeking out natural and holistic alternatives to physical and emotional ailments. Eventually, I got to a point where I wanted to serve others with the information I had learned.  I had contemplated changing my major during this time, but realized that my emphasis in behavioral modification assisted in helping my clients to achieve the goals they sought after. Since then, I have continued to pursue my graduate degree, became certified in personal training, and I am currently re-certifying in nutrition. Most of my clients have sought and achieved weight loss, mobility and flexibility, and mass building goals. I am truly passionate about the work that I do and you will see this when you meet with me. Nothing motivates me more than being able to see my clients progress toward their goals and learn to live happier and healthier lives.




NASM- Nutrition (pending renewal)

Bachelor’s Degree from Seattle University


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Courteney Suiter