Laura Rawls – Gig Harbor

Laura Rawls

What I love most about fitness is it really has no finish line, you set short and long term goals for yourself and once you have achieved those goals, you set new ones! It is a life style, not a one and done. 

I believe our bodies are capable of anything we put our minds to, if we train our bodies and minds we are capable of achieving anything we desire to accomplish. I will be there every step of the way, from setting up a personalized exercise plan uniquely designed to your individual goals and needs, keeping in mind any limitations and desired results. 

 Going through every exercise with you, practicing proper form and communicating the importance of the exercise and how it applies to our everyday lives. 

I will be there to celebrate your every accomplishment, and when we decide on a new goal to crush! 

I will design a fun and exciting workout plan specific to YOU that includes all the tools for a strong healthy body. 

focusing on balance, stability and flexibility, core, strength, muscular endurance, power and recovery. All the fundamental parts, wrapped up into one exciting and unique exercise plan with all of your goals in mind! 

Every body is different, and I am looking forward to working together, and creating an exercise plan that will keep you engaged and wanting more! 


  • NASM certified personal trainer 
  • NETA certified indoor cycling instructor 
  • TRX instructor 
  • Health and wellness coach 
  • CPR/AED certified
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Laura Rawls