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Lindsay Freeman

I believe every individual is created unique and different!  Therefore, every individual’s fitness abilities and needs are also unique and specific to them. My goal, as a personal trainer, is to meet you at your current fitness level then create a fun, effective, and engaging program specific to your health and fitness goals.  My job is to help you be the best you can be in your body!

A little about me:

In high school and college I was an active person participating in swim team, color guard, and track. Even though I was active I still struggled with my weight.  In college I decided really get down to the nitty-gritty and get healthy.  I hired my own personal trainer who encouraged me and challenge my idea of fitness and what eating healthy really looked like. I lost the weight I needed to and started competing in triathlons. I started beating my personal records again and again. Even after a bad bike crash (that put me in urgent care after the race) I got up, hopped on my beat up bike, finished the race and placed 2ndin my age category.

Eventually I let my job get in the way of my training. After a couple car crashes my body was hurting and it made physical activity very hard.  My love for triathlons still prevailed and after getting married I hired another personal trainer. She understood my weaknesses and worked with me to make my body stronger so I can compete again.  The awesome experiences I have had with personal trainers encouraged me to get certified as well.  Now armed with my A.C.E personal training certification, I am on a lifetime journey to stay fit and healthy and to help others do the same!

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Lindsay Freeman