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Consistency in a fitness program is critical for success. It is not uncommon to start and stop a fitness routine many times, or to begin a new diet program only to find yourself back in the same, if not worse, unhealthy state as before. Being successful does not mean that you will never fail, being successful is failing and getting back on course more quickly than you did before.As your trainer I will help you define and implement your goals, identify your strengths, brainstorm new strategies, and help you reach your full potential. My goal is, not only to inspire and motivate you, but also to have you experience the exhilaration of true health. Once you experience this, you will never want go back to your old lifestyle.Choosing to adopt a healthier lifestyle is the first step, but you do not have to take it alone. I can help you find the motivation and persistence you will need in your wellness journey and guide you as you reach your potential. Let’s start today together – a healthier future can be yours – it’s right around the corner! CERTIFICATION

  • Personal Training Instructor (YMCA)
  • Personal Fitness Program Director (YMCA)
  • Fitness Specialist (YMCA)
  • Personal Trainer (AFAA)
  • Advanced Resistance Training (YMCA)
  • Principles of Health and Fitness (YMCA)
  • Cardio and Step Aerobics Instructor (YMCA)
  • Healthy Lifestyle Principles (YMCA)
  • Group Cycling Instructor Trainer (YMCA)
  • Get Real Weight Management (YMCA)
  • Healthy Back Instructor (YMCA)
  • Group Exercise Instructor (YMCA)
  • Working with Active Older Adults (YMCA) 
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Lisa Hunt